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New Homes In Santa Clarita.

So I just spoke with several of my friends that work for 3 of the largest builders in the country and that are building here in SCV. One of the interesting things that one of the builders told me is that they are considering putting mello roos in one of there communities that doesn’t have it. So I asked why? Here is what they said since they are not selling due to price point and the builder not willing to lower it’s price point. They are looking into lowering the price point of there homes but by doing this they will have to pass on the Mello-Roos to the new buyer. Now this cant  cause a huge problem for the builder with the current residence that purchased for a higher price point and now will see their homes devalued by lets say 100k. I will keep everyone posted on this issue. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. Have a great day.